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I've been getting my lunch and/or breakfast from here almost every day since I started working in this area again almost 2 months ago. Healthier options than most in the area and much closer and less pricey than the other two predominantly health-conscious restaurants around here. The staff is very friendly and they welcome in new faces that turn into regulars. Highly recommend giving them a try. They offer everything from salads, to omelettes, veggie burgers, wraps, and more. See you tomorrow for an omelette!


2 reviews
Food was great as usual. I chose the create your own sandwich. it doesnt offer mayonnaise or ham. Please add to choices. Thanks.


3 reviews
Food is always fresh and the sandwiches are perfectly made. There is a wide selection of food choices and beverages. Love it.


Top Reviewer
Always on time, and tasty what more can you ask for.


1 review
Great place with great sandwiches!

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Top Reviewer
They make the best hamburgers in the area...real burgers, not the patties. I also like if they are not quite sure of your order they will call and ask you to make sure. The delivery guys are real nice too. I highly recommend them.


Top Reviewer
Pick up always good. Never had delivery. Coffee is good and hot in the morning when I stop in on my way to work. Sandwiches are good too. Always friendly.


Top Reviewer
This is my nearby bodega. They always make a solid sandwich or omelet and the prices are reasonable. Would recommend.


Top Reviewer
The food tasted amazing & my delivery was on time. What more can I ask for?


Top Reviewer
My only wish is that you could order regular beverages from the fridge

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